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What Your Credit Score Means

Whether you are applying for a mortgage, car or personal loan, your lender will want to know one number: your three-digit credit score. This number has become perhaps the most…

Balancing a Checking Account

It’s tempting when you pay so many of your bills online to skip on balancing your paper checkbook. After all, balancing the checkbook is no one’s idea of a good…

Understanding Your Credit Report

Your credit reports are important documents. They list your open credit-card accounts, loan balances and financial missteps. Reviewing these reports on a regular basis is a smart financial decision. After…

Use Direct Deposit to Build Savings

Why doesn’t your savings account grow? It could be a simple matter of how you allocate your regular paycheck. What happens every time you receive your paycheck? If your employer…

Why Budgets Fail

You finally committed to making a household budget, listing your monthly expenses and revenue streams. However, at the end of each month you find that you’ve overspent on going to…

Finding the Right Checking Account for You

You have to make a lot of financial decisions in your life. How much money should you deposit in your 401(k) plan every two weeks? Should you apply for a…

Understanding Your Debt Load

Before applying for a mortgage, car or personal loan, you need to know if you earn enough income every month to pay back your new debt. Fortunately, there is an…