We’re committed to your security. The security tips below offer helpful info on what you can do to keep your information secure or get help if it ever becomes compromised.

Call us right away at (276) 638-8771 if you think you’ve accidentally given out personal information about your Martinsville First account, such as your account number.

If you have been the victim of identity theft, take these steps:

  • File a police report and call the Federal Trade Commission
  • Contact your banker or local branch
  • Notify any one of the three credit bureau’s fraud units. A single call will place a Security Alert at all three bureaus and will initiate a free credit report from each
  • Establish a password for telephone inquiries on credit card accounts
  • Request a copy of your credit report (free to fraud victims) and consider reviewing copies of your credit report bimonthly until your case is resolved
  • Report any checking account theft to the appropriate check verification companies
  • Check with the post office for unauthorized change of address requests
  • Follow-up with all financial contacts with a letter and keep copies of all correspondence
  • For more information visit 

Reporting Fraudulent Check Use
Chexsystems: (800) 428-9623
Equifax: (800) 437-5120
Global Payment Systems: (800) 638-4600 x555
International Check Services: (800) 526-5380
TeleCheck: (800) 710-9898

Identity Theft
Federal Trade Commission

Support: (877) 382-4357
File ID Theft Reports: (877) 438-4338
Resource Center

Credit Reporting Bureaus

Report Fraud: (800) 525-6285
Order Credit Report: (800) 685-1111


Report Fraud: (888) 397-3742
Order Credit Report: (888) 397-3742


Report Fraud: (800) 680-7289
Order Credit Report: (800) 888-4213

Social Security Administration
Report Fraud: (800) 269-0271
Order Benefits & Earning Statement: (800) 772-1213